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Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine Slitting Machine in India

Aug. 20, 2018

Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine Slitting Machine in India

This August , we have two Roll Forming Machine delivery to India customer . Stud and Track roll forming machine , ceiling and Omega Roll forming machine . Engineer went India to Installation and tranning last week . Below video shows machine working smoothly . 

Some customers using this type machines buy small coils directly  , which cost more and MOQ are higher . 

Now more and more customers choose to make the slitting and cutting function by our Slitting line . 

Slitting Line , called slitting machine or longitudinal cutting line, is used to uncoiling, slitting, recoiling the steel rolls into a number of narrow strips by passing the strip between circular cutters or blades. It can be applied to process the cold or hot rolled steel coil, Silicon steel coils, tinplate coils, Stainless steel and color coated steels.

A steel factory need to buy several lines for different requirements or big capacity. the narrow coils/rolls are widely used in Steel Pipe Factory, Steel Structure Factory, Storage System Manufacturing Factory,  combined with Roll Forming Machine,  Power Punch Machine, Pipe Mills.

ZHONGHENG MACHINE produces Cut-To-Length Lines from 0.2-3mm. Our light-gauge lines include coil cars, uncoilers, peeler tables,leveling equipment, our own mechanical and hydraulic shears, looping pit equipment, and stacking/material handling equipment.our engineering staff custom designs many of our machines, so if you have special requirements, we can offer you a solution that will provide many years of low-maintenance, trouble-free service to you and your customers.

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