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How to prolong the life of tile press

Jul. 28, 2017

First thing to do is to put pressure tile machine maintenance manual labor must remember. To be doing each day to tile press is good that we should stick to it every day.

We must first tile press surfaces are clean, the aircraft die stamping process: from the motor through a pulley to drive the input shaft, the pinion, large gear, drive shaft, driven sliding seat mounted on the mold by a cam mechanism up and down movement, to achieve pressure watts.

The indexing table is mounted on the shaft ends of the gear, drive the deadbolt gear, toggle wheel mounted on the hexagonal shaft sheave to achieve indexing positioned on each end of the shaft and provided with a mounted on the same shaft and the pressing cam conjugated return cam, precise positioning by the positioning rod and the positioning plate to achieve the lower mold in the working position. When in the left and right sides of the chassis, fitted with lubrication pumps, machine work through tubing conveyed to all moving parts friction lubricants. Understanding of the structure and performance of the machine and procedures shall not start the machine.

Shall not exceed the minimum height when closed work, namely on the sliding surface to the bottom surface of the work of the minimum distance requirements 290㎜ height plus the upper and lower mold after the upper and lower plate thickness thick crust plus the tiles, must not exceed 290㎜, manufacture of molds this request should be designed to avoid the machine accident.

Always observe the sliding body height on both sides of the box and lubricants. Equipment should always be clean, clean, and not to have dirt water.

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