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Tile press equipment operation and matters needing attention

Jul. 28, 2017

In recent years, the rise of new cement tile equipment, high steel tile equipment costs, life is short, no noise insulation, rust and other problems are difficult to solve. For many difficult problems exist in traditional building materials, the company access to a large number of domestic and international information, learn from the advanced technology at home and abroad, developed a new wave tile glaze, lightweight composite wall panels. The new device is a glazed tile wave asbestos, cement tile replacement of new products, steel tile equipment, especially for Southeast Asia and Africa countries, damp climate, there are many foreign investors to import large quantities of the product or build factories.

Operation using cement tile equipment, steel tile equipment and new glazed tile wave devices as follows,

Hand put blanks, blanks take work program: Before using the device, check the connection is solid throughout, mounting bolts, whether nut tightened around the chassis lubrication should add enough oil to power-up test machine, first empty running carefully observed , with or without vibration, noise, oil window is to oil, whether coordinated movement of the components before you can install all the normal mold, mold installation, you must cut off the power of the motor by hand moving belt or large gear, so indexing table, carriage and rose to the highest point, the best thing is supported by a slide between the bottom surface of the table and, with non-slip seat naturally fall, causing the accident. Mold needs a machine to use the same mold and six sizes of the lower die, install upper and a lower die, the die is mounted directly in the six-party table runner, mold is installed on the bottom surface of the carriage, and place appropriate thickness plate, ensure mold clamping down after four evenly around the gap between the upper and lower mold distance equal to the thickness of the tiles you want. Then prevail over mold, table indexing, install the remaining five pay lower die, all in order to drive up and down mode after installing pressure-watts. Automatic discharge, whichever is blank work program: Mold installation and commissioning with these hosts, then open air compressors, vacuum pumps, extruders, Ceva machine, discharge machines, tile press, host and Salvatore conveyors, stopping , stop the extruder, then stop the rest of the device.

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