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Jul. 28, 2017

Technological advance is a character of our company , we have accumulated a series of industry performance of advanced technology to provide a reliable basis for technical support for the new tile press product development and application of new technologies.

Our product quality as enterprise life, for each tile press are strict test test. The Company's quality system covering all business scope, the company designed and developed each tile press are rigorously tested and validated to ensure product quality, reliable and stable.

Our sales have been expanding, the company has established a perfect market information gathering and networking platform release, so that our customers can stay at home for the latest products and features about the company, and to simultaneously meet the various needs of users quickly.

Our company has a strong R & D team, after years of research and development team building, at present, has established a strong technology and experienced R & D personnel, in addition, to strengthen our research and development mechanism innovation, with a number of institutions to expand cooperation in scientific research, in improving the capability of independent innovation, but also for companies reserve the multidisciplinary technical personnel, which is also the project's key support factors.

We have adequate technical reserves staff to meet domestic and international customers commissioning and maintenance requirements. Our technical staff can satisfy the on-site maintenance and technology professor.

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