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Cut To Length Machines , Steel Coil Slitting Line For Construction

May. 27, 2019

Advantage : 

Cut to length production , slitting line , is an industry which need qualified machine and experienced technology link together to produce the products, that means the machine and experience are both important, our company are only cut to length machine manufacture whom use self-machine to produce steel sheet in large quantity, we are improving our machine with running them to get experienced technology. Choose us, you are not only get the machine from us, you are also get he experienced technology from us.

New slitting line for 2X1300mm finish

New slitting line for 2X1300mm finish

New slitting line for 2X1300mm finish

New slitting line for 2X1300mm finish

New slitting line for 2X1300mm finish

Zhongheng provides customized slitting line solutions for all dimensions, from hot-rolled strip to thinnest, cold-rolled strip, from aluminum to stainless steel, in strip widths from 650 to 2,100 mm and strip thicknesses from 0.1 to 5 mm. Advanced and pioneering technologies are specially matched to the requirements of our customers. 

The high degree of automation in these slitting lines enables economical production, also of smaller lots, to reduce set-up times and to interface with coil packing and logistics.

Strand braking unit

Traversing and tilting braking and transfer stand with integrated strip press and generator-braked, double fleece roll pair and cross-cut shear. With traversing pneumatic strip press or patented strand transfer and pusher device, internally braked segment rolls, and cross-cut shear.

Coil opener and transfer system

For overwinding and underwinding devices to open the coil automatically and transfer the strip head to the pinch roll unit.

4-arm tool change turnstile

Traversing, docked at the slitting shear for automatic tool change.

4-arm coil turnstile

With four snubber devices for fully automatic strapping of the individual, slit coil rings at the circumference.

Characteristic features of slitting lines

Fully automatic strip threading systems

Special braking units for strips with high surface finish

Non-contact braking strips for the aluminum industry

Automatic knife change

Knife arbors with quadruple radial precision bearings

Automatic clamping and unclamping of the cutting tools on the knife arbor

Automatic strip strand transfer systems

Fully automatic strapping on turnstile (SUNDWIG patent)

Underfloor edge scrap baler with automatic feed (SUNDWIG patent)

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