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Zhongheng coil slitting line for CR HR

Nov. 21, 2018

Slitting Lines | Zhongheng Machine | Coil processing equipment 

Slitting line for coils, metal coils. For widths of up to 2200 mm, thicknesses of up to 16 mm and speeds of up to 400 m/min. The lines are composed of high-precision slitters with quick tooling change for slitter, tensioning device and recoiler. Lines are offered with scrap ballers or scrap choppers. Moving tensioning devices with incorporated levelling. Lines are suitable to process materials used in the automotive and appliance industry, such as stainless steel, pre-painted, cold rolled steel, hot rolled carbon steel, electric steel, copper, brass and titanium.

Advantages for your production plant

High output/throughput and flow rates by rigorous minimization of tooling times and high production speeds

High level of cutting accuracy by means of high precision knife shaft bearings

Burr less cuts and high number of cuts with minimum deflection of the cutter shaft

High winding accuracy with increasing coil diameter by means of the movable braking unit for operation mainly without separating system at the coiler

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