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Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine | Roll Forming Line

Oct. 05, 2018

As a professional manufacturer,we can make Metal Roof Tile Making Machine by customer`s demand, with a profile drawing and thickness, we can design the machine quickly.Until now,we can do many kinds of roof panel machine,such as trapezoidal sheet making machine, corrugated sheet forming machine, glazed tile making machine, Double Layer Roll Forming Machine and so on.

Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine | Roll Forming Line

Corrugated sheet is a very important cladding element for commercial, residential and industrial roofing and walling. The traditional shape of corrugated material is the round wavy style derived from sinus curve. And today a lot of corrugated profiles come out to meet the needs of different applications. If you have your conjugation profile, let’s customize the corrugated sheet roll forming machine for you.  Furthermore , ZHONGHENG have several design of  metal sheet roll forming machines for corrugated sheets. And we are the manufacturer of China Roll Forming Machine

Traditional corrugated profile is 914mm as the feeding width, 762mm as the covering width, 76.2mm as the pitch(distance between two consecutive curves), and 18mm as the depth(wave height). Also, there are mini corrugated profile,  deep corrugated profile, etc. In South African, customer always buy a double layer roll forming machine for IBR sheets and corrugated sheets instead of IBR sheet roll forming machine and corrugated sheets roll forming machine.  Finally to save money and factory space.

ZHONGHENG also have Mini Orb Corrugated Sheets Roll Forming Machine, IBR Roll forming machine, the product is famous in South African

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