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Corrugated Sheet Forming Machine Advantages and Limitations

Jul. 25, 2018

We are indulged in the manufacturing and exporting of Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine. These products are designed to reduce man power and stable steel base design. These machines are used in industrial sectors and are available in market at Compititive Rates. These products equipped with various features including en31 material hafts, elecon gear box , abb motors and more. This forming line has no limit on processing length; you can set a program on the computer control according to your requirement .


Roll forming offers a number of distinct advantages over other metal fabricating methods. Advantages include:

The initial cost of a roll forming line is no more, and often less, than the cost of a standard stamping line or progressive die operation.

Production speeds of 50-600 feet per minute can be attained but 100-180 feet per minute is a reasonable average for most current equipment.

Roll forming is a high volume process that makes uniform and accurately dimensioned parts.

Parts are produced with little handling, minimizing labor costs, needing only the coils to be loaded at the starting end of the machine and removal of finished parts at the other end. This process can usually be handled with a minimal number of operators.

Roll forming can also be used for low-volume production because setup or changeover time for new parts is not lengthy.

Maintenance costs are generally low. The form rolls can produce several million feet of product before problems occur when properly maintained.

The roll forming process is easily combined with other operations and processes to automatically form a considerable range of metal parts.


A few limitations also exist. Roll forming limitations include:

Experienced roll design engineers must design those rolls designed for complex shape forming.

Complicated tubular shapes, and some closed shapes, may need mandrels to form the shape accurately.

Delicate, breakable, machine parts may need recurrent replacement during high volume production runs.

Corrugated Sheet Forming Machine Advantages and Limitations

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