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How to adjust C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Sep. 29, 2018

How to adjust C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine ?

C  Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine is used to produce C and Z Purlins with less change over time.  ZHONGHENG Machine new technology design, exchange time is only 2 minutes.

In steel construction, the term purlin commonly refers to roof structure members that span parallel to the building ridge , and support the roof sheets, wall panels .. The purlins are in turn supported by beams or walls. Purlins are most commonly used in Steel Building Systems, where C -Shapes or Z-shapes are used in a manner that allows flexural continuity between spans. BELI? C Z Purlin Roll forming Machine can form different sizes of C-shape U-shape, Z-shape purlins.

Channel or Purlin sections, with or without flange, are usually referenced as C shapes; Channel sections without flange stiffeners are also referenced as U shapes; Point symmetric sections that are shaped similar to the letter C are referenced as C shapes. Section designations can be customized and even specific to a manufacturer. In steel building construction industry, secondary members such as purlins (roof) and girts (wall) are frequently cold-formed steel C, Z or U sections,

C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine always adopt duplex roll forming mills. It is very easy to change the dimension of the product; for example, the web height (“H”) or the leg length (“L”) of “C” Purlins. If both dimensions have to be changed web height and leg length, marked “H” and “L” respectively then two independently adjustable duplex mills can be combined, using a common drive. Changing the width in the first mill will change the leg length “L”, and changing the second mill will change the web height “H”. BELI? C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine can form 80-350 mm width C and Z Shape Purlins. and thickness can be up to 5mm.

Another quick-change “C” and “Z” purlin mill is forming one edge of the product up. At the other edge no need adjust, the top and bottom rolls can be easily exchanged by either rotating each stand 180o around a shaft or deflecting one leg up for the C Purlin or down for the Z Purlin . These designs enable the production of “C” and “Z” Purlins on the same machine without tool change.

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